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The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

When Carter and Sadie Kane are brought along to a museum with their Egyptologist dad, they don't think anything of it. But of course they're dead wrong. They discover that their father has a secret plan, and it just so happens to go incredibly wrong. An explosion destroys an ancient Egyptian artifact, the Rosetta Stone, and releases the Egyptian god of chaos, Set.

Set encases Carter and Sadie's dad in a golden coffin, and if they want to free him they must embark on a quest that could cost them their lives. Along the way they discover that they have connections to the old empire of Egypt, and powers that they must learn to use. While Carter and Sadie are on the dangerous quest to save their father, they also learn that there is more at stake than just their father's life... 

Rate: 4 stars

Yet another Rick Riordan book. What a surprise! Anyways, I enjoyed this book as well! Although I didn't like it quite as much as Percy Jackson and the Olympians or Heroes of Olympus, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. That may be because I enjoyed the Greek mythology better. The Red Pyramid had the same fun adventures, awesome writing style, amazing characters and mythology. So I would definitely recommend you pick this book up if you are a fan of Rick's other work!


I really liked the characters in this book! All of the characters that Rick creates are really fleshed out, and are written very well. I loved the brother-sister relationship that Carter and Sadie had. They were great characters on their own, but they were even greater together. I loved reading their banter! And since this book was a recording of their adventures, I liked how we got comments like "[No, Sadie. It's not an old person's soda! Be quiet!]" Those were great!

I love the fact that with Rick Riordan's books you get to learn in a fun way. I got to know more about Egyptian mythology while reading about an epic quest. He does it in such a way so that you don't get a huge info dump, and it's actually entertaining. Plus you don't need to know anything about Egyptian mythology when you start reading, because the characters don't know too much either. I think Rick's books would be a good read for when you are learning about mythology in school. I think they would really help people get into it and help them remember it better, all the while having fun while reading.

The plot and set up of the was similar to Rick's other books. We had the discovery of the powers, an epic quest (with lots of action of course), and then a final battle at the end. And this really works for his books. 

The powers that Carter and Sadie had were pretty cool. Although I did like the different powers that the characters in PJO and HoO had better. They were more varied and ultimately, I think they were more powerful. Maybe I should just stop comparing the series though. Anyways, the whole magician thing was still pretty awesome. Plus they had the extra help of Horus and Isis. I'm glad that they decided not to host the two gods at the end of the book. As cool as hosting a god is, and as powerful as it made them, I wanted to see what the two could do on their own.

The ending was of course the best part. The final battles are always the best! It was kind of sad to find out Zia was really a shabti. I wish it was really her that went on the adventure! Anyways, the ending set up well for the next book with the Carter and Sadie making a deal with Set (I can't believe he was using Amos as a host!), and they discovered that Set was the least of their problems. Apophis was really the bigger problem.

Overall this was another great book! I just finished The Throne of Fire so I should have a book review for that up soon!

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