Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Run by Gabby Tye

Everything, except humans, has gone extinct. All the plants and all the animals. This is thanks to scientists  who got a little carried away, so to speak, with work in the genetic field. No more food is being grown or harvested. Canned food is the only thing left, and even that will run out eventually.

Zee, our fifteen-year-old main character, wakes up in Singapore with no memory. Not knowing anything about herself or the world she lives in, Zee joins a group of kids like her trying to survive. At first they only had to worry about where they could find the next source of food and water, but they have now discovered that adults have changed. Let's just say regular food doesn't satisfy their hunger. So on top of searching for food and water, Zee and the other survivors must fight off these "Eaters". But who long will they be able to survive in this apocalyptic world?

Rate: 3 stars

First off all, I think it is awesome that somebody around my age was able to get a book published! Congrats! Anyways, let's get to the book itself. Overall the book was okay. The concept was interesting, and it was cool that the book took place in Singapore, so I knew roughly where things were. But I found the book rushed and the writing wasn't the greatest. It was also a super quick read (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), I finished it in a single day (that day also being a school day). Oh, and it was yet another book that I read with a cliff-hanger for an ending.


The whole concept of the work in genetics going wrong seemed fairly realistic. In Run our main character had everything about her physical appearance chosen before she was born. That was what seemed really realistic to me, since things like this are already happening. Like if you have a disease that runs in the family, you are now able to correct that (Even though it is pretty interesting and I could go on talking about this subject for a while, I won't since this a book review, not a report on the genetic field).

Anyways, Camp Zero was a topic that was brought up in the book, but wasn't exactly relevant. It was apparently a camp that had resources and only the important adults of society were allowed in. Maybe this will come into play in the next book, that was what I was thinking anyways. 

Now the adults that Zee encountered were cannibals. I was thought that maybe the "Eaters" had a contagious disease that made them like the taste of flesh, and I wondered why nobody thought of that, and why they didn't try to stay to far away from them. But thats's just my theory. The book didn't explain why they were so zombie-ish, but again, hopefully it will be explained in the next books. Although I don't know if I'll actually continue the series, as it is not very high on the list of books I want to read. 

Now that I think about it, a lot of things were not explained in this book. Like how Zee had the power to predict the future/read minds, why she lost her memory, why she was so good at fighting with a staff (and how a staff or something similar was always around when she needed to fight), and why did she get her memory back at the end of the book. 

Speaking of the end of the book I didn't think it was a particularly smart idea for them to lure an Eater into a trap to study it. I mean a ton of things could have gone wrong there. I also found they didn't make the smartest decisions during the book. Zee and Jae left the group in the middle of the night after an Eater attack to go talk to some guy who caused them trouble in the past. Great idea guys.

Okay, so back to the end of the book. The group of kids that Zee was with before the loss of her memory just happened to show up. Then she just happened to get her memory back. And BOOM cliff-hanger. I also sense a love triangle coming on, because we don't have enough of those in YA.

Oh, and I almost forgot to talk about the characters themselves. Zee and Jae we okay, but the rest were poorly developed. I didn't really get a good grasp of the majority of characters, they were poorly written.

Overall this was book was "meh". I'm not really invested in this series, so I don't know if I'll continue.

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