Thursday, 4 June 2015

Why I Want To Write a Book/Become an Author

Since I've been posting a lot of videos lately, I figured it would be good to break it up with a written post. As you can already tell (well, that is if you read posts from my blog regularly), this post will be different from my typical review posts. In case you didn't read the title of this post, this post will be about why I want to write a book/become an author.

I was just watching some BEA (Book Expo America) and BookCon vlogs, and that inspired this post. And that brings me to the first reason why I want to write a book or become an author:

1. I Want to be Part of Events Like BEA and BookCon.

Ever since I had heard of BEA and BookCon I have wanted to go. Just to go as a not-so-well-know book blogger/booktuber, would be absolutely amazing! But to go as an author with your own panel would be even more amazing! I'm not saying that this would necessarily happen, but it would be awesome if it did. Just to meet people who's lives you have influenced through your writing would be utterly remarkable!

2. I Just Love to Write! 

Ever since I was young I've loved to write and wanted to become a published author. I've always had some idea for a novel in my head (or many). And I've started writing one many times, even when I was young. In school English is one of my best subjects, if not the best, and it's been like that for a while because of my love for writing.  

My love for writing might just be thanks to my dad who does a bunch of editing and writing for work, so I've grown up with a heavy presence of writing in my life. But there is just something about sitting down and creating your own world and characters where anything can happen that just makes me love it.

3. I LOVE Books.

You've probably noticed this already. I mean I have a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to books. So writing my own book and actually getting it published would be absolutely AMAZING. I get excited over other people's characters, worlds and writing, and I love the feeling of getting excited over your own characters, worlds and writing (And no I'm not trying sound like I'm super amazing or anything, so sorry if it came across that way).

4. I Want to Get a Message Across, Make People Think and Entertain People

I find that some books that have a decent message aren't necessarily super entertaining. I respect the message the book portrays, but that doesn't mean that I actually enjoyed it. An example of this would be (now don't hate me) The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I respect the messages in that book, but I didn't enjoy reading it.

Anyways, I want people to enjoy my world, my characters and my writing, and at the same time I want them to think. I want my book to impact someone. I want my book to have a decent message and be diverse. I don't think that there is enough diversity in books. The main character is almost always white, straight and living in America.

5. What If My Book Could Be Someone's Favourite Book?

We all have our favourite books. But what if what I write could become someone's favourite? That would be amazing! It would be incredible if something that I wrote impacted someone else that much. There is always that possibility.

Anyways, there are all the reasons why I want to write a book/become an author. Hopefully you thought that was interesting, and I hope you enjoyed it!

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