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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You Wish You Could Drown

Time for another Top 5 Wednesday! Top Five Wednesday is a group created by Lainey from ginerreadslainey. Link to her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/gingerreadslainey And in case you are interested in joining the Goodreads group, here's the link: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/118368-top-5-wednesday 

Anyways, if you can't already tell, this week's topic is "Characters You Wish You Could Drown". Now, I think drowning, or killing for that matter, is a bit extreme. I wouldn't want to kill anybody (this isn't The Hunger Games), but these characters I wouldn't mind punching in the face, or something along those lines. Now before we waste any more time, let's get into it!

5. The Mayor (Mayor Prentiss) From The Chaos Walking Trilogy

Iv'e only read the first two books in this trilogy, The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and The Answer (I have reviews for both), but anyone who has read at least the first book in the series can get what I'm saying. He was such a despicable human being. He used people, didn't care about others, and would do anything to get what he wanted. Even though he is on this list, he was still an incredible and complex villain to read.

4. America Singer from The Selection Series

America Singer I wouldn't so much as want to drown, but slap some sense into her. The Selection, TheElite and The One could have been made into one book if it weren't for her procrastination, her ability to never make up her mind, and her poor decision making skills. Throughout the series I got more and more annoyed with the way she was acting and I was tempted to through the book across the room because of this.

3. Clancy Gray from The Darkest Minds Trilogy

Clancy caused SO many problems in this trilogy. He was such a contemptible character! He used many people because he was an Orange, so he could get into their minds and make them do whatever he pleased. Unlike the main character in this novel, who is also an Orange, he used his powers for evil instead of good. Clancy just so manipulative! I REALLY dislike him!

2. Octavian from The Heroes of Olympus Series

Like Clancy, Octavian stirred up a lot of problems. He was one of the most power hungry characters I've read. So power hungry in fact that he wanted to start a war within a war just to get power. He didn't realize that what he wanted to do would most likely lead to his death and many other, if not all, of the people standing with him. Also similarly to Clancy, Octavian was very manipulative, and was able to convince many people to stand for his cause.

1. Dolores Umbridge from the  Harry Potter Series 

Do I even have to explain this?! It's Dolores freaking Umbridge! She is utterly despicable! A lot of people hated her more than Voldemort. She was very mean to the students and acted like she was above everyone else. She was very smug and demanding and always wanted her way. I think the reason why a lot of people hated her more than Voldemort, is because people could see her in their own lives. Voldemort is like a villain you only hear about in stories in the news. But many people could relate to what Harry went through with her, although maybe not to the same extent.

Well, that's it for this Top 5 Wednesday! Hope you enjoyed!

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