Thursday, 26 February 2015

Eve by Anna Carey

Sixteen years after a lethal disease killed the majority of the Earth's population, eighteen-year-old Eve is about to graduate from the heavily guarded school she has yet to step outside of. Eve thinks all will be grand when she graduates, she will get the chance to work in the trades then live in the fabulous City of Sand afterall. But Eve discovers a shocking and gruesome secret about the school that she has grown up in the day before she is to graduate. Eve decides the only hope for her will be to flee, so she does. Having never stepped into the wild before, Eve is scared. And if that isn't enough, the King's men are chasing her down. While in the wild, Eve befriends an old rival from school, Arden and a boy from the wild, Caleb. Against everything that Eve has ever been taught, she starts to fall for Caleb. Will Eve be able to avoid being caught by the King's men, let alone survive in the wild?

Rate: 4 stars

Yet another dystopian book, surprise, surprise. If you are a fan of dystopian, adventure or survival books, I would suggest picking this book up. There was a fair amount of action in this book (Yay!) and you kept wondering if Eve was going to make it. The book ended with a cliff hanger making readers wonder what was going to happen next.


The whole reason why Eve ran away is pretty sick when you think about it. I understand that they needed to repopulate the world, but raising girls then just using them for children is just wrong. They were treated like they didn't matter, that they didn't even have emotions or needs. Later on in the book we found out the boys were put into labour camps.And I think that's pretty horrible as well. We also found out that it was only orphans that were being abused like this. Why only the orphans? Because they have nowhere to go? Or because they have no one to stop people using them?

Now Eve herself was a pretty naïve character. She was the perfect student at the school, the top of her class. So of course she believed all the lies her school fed her. But when she found out that horrible secret, she handled it pretty well, she didn't have a complete mental breakdown or go crazy like some people may have. She also had zero survival skills so she was in luck when she found Arden and later Caleb. She went through character development as well, at the beginning of the book she was a goody two shoes, and din't trust men/boys. But later she became more sure of herself and learned to trust Caleb and some of the other boys. Eve was also a very caring character, she kept thinking about the friends she left behind. I wonder if she will actually be able to go back for Pip at the end of the series.

At the beginning of the book, I didn't like Arden. But as she slowly became friends with Eve, I began to like her as well. She became quite a good friend to Eve, and I loved the scenes she was in. Hopefully we'll see her in the next books. Then there was Caleb. I thought that he was a good love interest for this book. He was willing to help Eve no matter what. Even though their relationship had ups and downs, I think that made it even more realistic. I wonder what will happen to him since Eve had to leave him behind to go to Califia. Will he go back to the camp he was at? But Leif will most likely still be there, so how will that work out. Speaking of Leif, I hated him. Just when I thought he was turning around, he sold Eve out to the soldiers. That was just horrible.

Overall this book was pretty good, I enjoyed it. And I will definately be picking up the next book, thanks to that cliff hanger at the end.

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