Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Impostor by Susanne Winnacker

Tessa is part of a secret branch of the FBI, the FEA (Forces with Extraordinary Powers). She is a Variant, somebody with abilities that humans shouldn't be able to have. When more and more people are being murdered in a small town in Oregon, Tessa is put on the case. Once one of the victims, Madison, dies Tessa is to take her place as she can mimic the appearance of anybody she touches.

Disguised as Madison, Tessa begins to fall in love with her life, after all, Madison has the loving family that Tessa never did. But Tessa must find the killer soon, or they could come back and finish off Madison.

Rate: 4 stars

When I picked Impostor up at the book store, the synopsis sounded very intriguing. I mean a murder mystery and people with super powers,  how could you go wrong with that? And I did end up quite enjoying this book. I loved the storyline and the mystery aspect kept you guessing until the end. If you are a fan of murder mystery or the whole kids-with-super-powers story, then I would definitely consider picking up this book.


First off, I liked the whole Variant idea. That the people-with-super-powers idea isn't super original, but I enjoyed anyways. There were a wide variety of powers, from being able to take another's person's appearance (Tessa), to turning invisible (Holly), or eve telekinesis (Tanner). 

Speaking of some of our character's abilities, let's talk about the characters themselves. I liked our main character, Tessa. She seemed like a genuinely caring person. She cared about Madison's death, even though she didn't even know her. Plus she snuck out after the mission to go to her funeral. But we could also see that Tessa didn't have the best past, her family didn't even care about her, so she welcomed the idea of having a real family when she had to take Madison's place.

I liked most of the other characters though, minus Kate and Ryan. Kate was really mean to Tessa and was always rubbing in her relationship with Alec, Tessa's crush. But I was confused why she showed up when Tessa followed Devon and then Ryan. Part of Abel's Army maybe, because she said Major didn't send her. Anyways, I also didn't like Ryan, obviously, because her turned out to be the killer. He let his power get to his head, plus he seemed like an obsessive, controlling jerk when he tried to get Madison back. But it all fell into place why he killed the people he did, either because they may have known something about his power, to frame somebody or get revenge for somebody else. 

Then we had the character's I liked, Alec, Holly and Devon. There was obviously something building between Alec and Tessa, even though Alec was with Kate. What was with that? Alec seemed like he liked Tessa, but continued to date Kate, until the end of the book. The two always seemed to be fighting, and then Tessa overheard Kate say "'We're in this together. Remember what Major said.'" That led me to believe that maybe they weren't together because they wanted to be because you could obviously see that Alec cared about Tessa. Anyways, Holly. You could she that she was a good friend to Tessa. She was caring and had a really bubbly personality. I wish we could have seen more of her in the book. Devon was also caring, he seemed to really look out for his sister. And he had a variation as well, he could heal himself and others. I thought that was really cool.

The mystery aspect of the book was good, like I said above, it kept you guessing. Ryan framed Devon by killing somebody he had been seen with only moments before. Then Tessa found information of all the murders hidden away in his room. But I wondered what his motive was, so I wasn't completely convinced he was the murderer.

It seemed like Madison had more going on in her life that Tessa originally thought. I liked that she had to figure out what was going on in Madison's life as well as who the murderer was. Some of the events that went down in Madison's life (like the affair with her teacher), did a good job of throwing the reader off the trail of  the real murderer. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Impostor. I hope to pick up the sequel, Defector, sometime soon.

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