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Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

***The following synopsis and summary contain spoilers for Throne of Glass.***

In the sequel to Throne of Glass, Celaena has become the King's Assassin. She must kill to win her freedom. But as much as Celaena wants freedom, she doesn't want to be used by the King and she doesn't want to kill those who do not deserve to be killed. With every death Celaena fakes she puts not only herself at risk, but her loved ones.

Celaena finds herself holding the fate of a kingdom in her hands and she will have to face darker forces than the King of Adarlan to bring justice to Erilea.

Rate: 5 stars

Crown of Midnight being the second book in the Throne of Glass series, I wouldn't recommend reading this review if you haven't started the series yet. And trust me you should start the series, especially if you like action-packed fantasies. Anyways, the second book was pretty good, although I do favour Throne of Glass. There were many twist and turns in this instalment. There is so much potential for the next books in the series, and so many ways the books could go. 


Like I said above, there were so many surprises in this book. First off, Dorian has magic! How does that work? I mean magic had been banned for ten years. If the King ever figured out about what Dorian can do, let's just say it wouldn't be good. I was also great that Dorian started to stand up to his father. If he could some how get rid of his father and take the throne, Erilea would be so much better off.

Then we had Nehemia's death. I was really unhappy about her death, I loved her as a character, and she was a great friend to Celaena. We found out that Grave, one of the contestants in the tournament in the last book, was hired to kill Nehemia. And of course Celaena killed him. We were lead to believe that Minister Mullison had hired Nehemia at first. But we later learned that it was in fact Archer who hired Grave, and that Nehemia might have just set it all up knowing her death would impact Celaena more than her life. I just can't believe that Nehemia would set up her own death. It was a very noble thing to do.

Later we learned that Celaena was Fae and the the lost Queen of Terrasen! She might just be able to take down the King of Adarlan if she plays everything right. She could have so much power. It makes sense now why her family was killed when she was young. Although we did learn a little bit more of Celaena's (or should I say Aelin's) past, I would still like to know more. 

And now Celaena is off to Wendlyn to kill of the King and the Prince. If she could gather followers, take back the throne of Terrasen and join up with Wendlyn and the remaining Fae, she could, just maybe, take on the King of Adarlan. Oh, and she might have to find a Wyrd Key as well, will one be in Wendlyn? The King already has so much power with one (or maybe two?), Celaena will have to find one. We also saw some of the things that the King was up to. What was with that creature under the castle? He must have made it with magic.

Oh, and I almost forgot about Chaol. He'l be returning home to Anielle with his father since his father supported him when he suggested that Celaena go to Wendlyn. What will happen there? Will he go after Celaena in Wendlyn? I wouldn't be surprised if he did because of what happened between them (they're still together, right?). And what will happen to Dorian back at the castle? How will the next book play out? There are so many possibilities for Heir of Fire. I'm glad that the author isn't squishing everything into three books. It's good that she is taking time to let everything play out in six books. I'm really excited for this series! It's going to be huge.

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